First post & sample page

To add your posts you can either work online or prepare a draft offline and upload it in one go. We are not sure about how many users can be online at the same time so we might have to give further instructions.

Creating a post
Go to the ‘post’ section of the dashboard and select ‘add new’. Name/title of the post has to be:

Name & Last name of the architect, Name of case study, Location [insert link to google map], Country, year

Vico Magistretti,Office block, Corso Europa 22, Milano (Italy), 1946

Double check the url of your page. It has to be all small letters with hyphens to separate significant words. Manually revise it to make it as short as possible. This will ensure that your post will be searchable by search engines.

Here is the link to the google map:

The post must include:

  • one image of the model to be be displayed by default as featured image
  • up to 300 words descriptive text of the case study
  • the coloured plan layout images have to be placed after the text followed by all relevant additional model pictures
  • the images of the models which are available and, where appropriate,

In addition you should include

  • one or two website-links for images
  • one or two website-links for reference
  • up to 5 bibliographical references (paper based: from magazines, books, etc.)

If you wish, you can use the sample page that has been created.

Where available it is also possible to include a geographic reference in google maps (see page for instructions).