Geo-referencing your case study

Some of you have been added as an editor to the atlasofinteriors google map. At the moment it’s only those of you who have a gmail account as we have encoundered a technical issue. If you have a gmail or a google associated account other than the one we have, please say so.

We encourage using the mapengine because we believe it’s a good tool for research. It really takes 2 to 5 minutes.

Once you have been invited, search the architecture you want to add, select the sign-post icon and add it on the map. Name the sign-post with the case study name and with the last name of the architect in brackets followed by the year. [i.e. Kaufmann Desert House (Neutra, 1946)] In the description you can write the full name of the architect(s) and, if you want and when you are finished, you can also add the link to your post.

In any case once the sign-post has been created, you need to copy the link to the map into your case study post. See the sample page to view the correct position.