Finalizing your post

Editing your post.
You can edit your post either through the ‘edit’ or the ‘quick edit’ function. If you want to change the text or the appearance of your post, or the status of your post (public or private) you need to ‘edit’ it. If you want to change the name or the url of your post, you can do so via the ‘quick edit’ function.

Adding tags.Before you finalize your post it is important that you select some ‘tags’ to be attached. We have entered a few but you are free to propose some new ones or select among those that have been proposed by your fellow students. The only words which are NOT allowed are those that you have already entered in the title (a.k.a. Architect’s name or name and localization of the project).

Saving your post and going public.
A post to be saved needs to be uploaded. So in order to do so, you need to press the ‘upload’ button. If you are unsure about going public or you want to save your work for later, tick the ‘private’ box before you upload. This is a reversible action so you can go from ‘public’ to ‘private’ anytime.
Before you finalize your post, you need to select the feature image in the lower right box. We recommend this image to be a model photo but you can discuss this with a tutor.