Coloring a plan layout


Case studies, when appropriate, have to be accompanied by a plan/section representation revised in order to achieve an homogeneous output and encourage a critical analysis.

Images need to represent:

  • sectioned parts hatched with blue, transparency 85%
  • furniture hatched yellow, transparency 45%

Exact colour palette (without transparency reduction) is this:


All images need to include a text in a Times New Roman font, size 12, indicating:

First Line: [First name initial]. [Last name], [Name of the Project in bold], [Location], [Year].
Second Line: [Plan layout / Section / Number of floor].
Third Line: [Source of the original drawing].

or like this:

R. Neutra, Kaufmann Desert House, Palm Springs, California, 1946.
Plan layout.
R. Besana, A. Nava, Richard Neutra, Kaufmann Desert House, 1946, Drawings completed for Corso di Arredamento e Architettura degli Interni II, Prof. Gianni Ottolini, Arch. Vera de Prizio, Politecnico di Milano, A.A. 1987-1988.

If you also have a section drawing which corresponds to your plan, you can color that as well. In this case the color blue applies also to all horizontal partitions including ground.

A sample of the finished result can be seen here: