Massimo Carmassi, Palazzo Lafranchi, Pisa, Italy, 1976

Massimo Carmassi, Palazzo Lafranchi, Pisa, Italy, 1976

Massimo Carmassi is an Italian architect. His work encompasses restoration, new building and urban design. He is also Professor of Architectural and Urban Design in the Iuav University of Venice.

The project for the restoration of communal ends starts from the large walls of the stairwell, using an archaeological approach as a fundamental element of the project. We can read the history of the building of a long process of modification.

“Neutral” materials have been used in newly built surfaces, such as terracotta tile floors and some of the newly plastered partitions. Colors bring out even more the brick and stone wall texture left exposed. The few added elements such as the light iron superstructures, dyed in a neutral color, designed with great simplicity and other essential details are clearly legible and affirm the contemporaneity of the intervention.

The nineteenth-century well is closed by a new skylight that replaces the previous roof and allows the entry of natural light zenitale. The end result is a flexible space, able to accommodate the different museum and tertiary activities. I t gives the whole image an equilibrium and permeability, according to a complex three-dimensional grid of percosi and visual cones.



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