Margherita Bravi, Luisa Castiglioni, Alloggio TR, Milan, Italy, 1951

Margherita Bravi, Luisa Castiglioni, Alloggio TR, Milan, Italy, 1951

Margherita Bravi, Luisa Castiglioni, Alloggio TR, Milan, Italy, 1951

This closet and experimentally presented accommodation by the architects Bravi and Castiglioni at the 9th milan milan it is carried out on the typical scheme of the multi-storey house with two lodgings per staircase and consists of a bedroom, a living room with terrace, a kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry. The living room can be divided by a curtain in two areas, one including the dining area and a bed, a study of a living room, all the furniture has been designed in such a way to make the most of the space of the apartment. The closet walls consisting of a wooden supporting frame with plastic laminate panels are the most interesting element: they not only have sliding doors to allow greater use of space but also allow to obtain different combinations in the plant have also been designed to be produced on a large scale and the intent was to provide it to the user as parts of the accommodation itself, inserting it into the construction plan of the house the materials most used for furniture. The beech wood, the plywood and the plastic laminate with regard to the colors can be added that all the support and work surfaces are in yellow the doors of the cabinets in white while only the bottom of the liberia and blue. The living room armchairs are also designed for series work, their seat can be fixed in two different inclinations, the minimum allows the application of an extension for the support of the feet.


1948 degree in architecture at the polytechnic of milan. 1951 participate with luisa castiglioni at the 9th edition of the triennial.1964, qualified at the national register of the designers in the gescal competition, design the completion of the torricella district (with l. castiglioni and p. lechi).1973 asili nido di lamarmora and palazzolo, with regè and sommaruga.1986/1988 exhibitions exhibitions on the broletto and the brescia walls. 1956/1958 president of the architecture of brescia bergamo Cremona and mantua.1973/1978 building hygienic commission of the municipality of brescia. it has been activated in italy our and in council of neighborhood in porta venezia. it was also supply of many interventions residential for private, both recovery and new building, in brescia and northern italy (inverigo, valdieri, sant’arcangelo, san lorenzo a mare, etc.)


Graduated in July 31st, 1946 at the high school of architecture at Politecnico of Milan, she took part to different competitions. Her works are awarded and published by famous publications. In the following years Luisa Castiglioni followed some project of private residence and shops. At the same time she always worked in the interiors’ planning, but also a series of office’s furniture. Since the 70’s architect Castiglioni continues to dedicate to the planning of private buildings, hotels and art gallery.













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