Leonardo Savioli, L'opera di Le Corbusier, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze, Italy, 1963

Leonardo Savioli, L’opera di Le Corbusier, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze, Italy, 1963

The exhibition “The work of Le Corbusier” held at Palazzo Strozzi in February 1963 takes place after one in Paris. It intends to focus on the artistic work of Le Corbusier in order to discover another side of his activity.

For the setting up of the exhibition, L. Savioli in collaboration with D. Santi and R. Vemuccio realizes a space respecting the historical character of Palazzo Strozzi, inserting a sensible differentiation in three rooms that reflect the main stylistic moments of art of Le Corbusier. The route starts from an introductory room with various recapitulations on the fundamental works of architecture and urban planning. It continues in the three moments of Le Corbusier’s stylistic development: the purist and geometric moment of the pre-war, the times of the war period, and finally the figurative-totemic moment of the post-war period.

The fundamental elements that underlie the design of the exhibition space are the use of artificial lights and the use of materials corresponding to the place and theme of the exhibition. First two rooms have a calm and rigorous setting, solved with linear elements in wood and iron. The third room gives the visitors different feelings with an emotional and abstract layout. The path is characterized by platforms at different heights, covered with carpets, which bring the viewer to the level of the works. There are also special marked spaces, where audience can stop and have a moment of reflection.


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