Jean Prouvè, Casa Prefabbricata, 1950

Jean Prouvè, Casa Prefabbricata, 1950

Casa Prefabbricata, Jean Prouvè 

In 1944 and 1945, Ateliers Jean Prouvé worked on houses that could host victims of the second world war. These houses were ment to be removable and suitable for any site.

The workshop won a competition launched by the Ministry of Education for « an industrializable rural school and one with a teacher’s home ». They conceived the house according the same principle as the ones they designed during war, i.e buldings with a portico.

In 1948, Henri Prouvé developed the Metropolis House in two sizes (8x8m and 8x12m). The later was exhibited at the Paris Salon des Arts Ménagers in 1950 and used to be conceived as the teacher’s house. The structure is entierly made of stell. The enclosure uses façade panels on both sides, with integrated guillotine windows and concealed blinds in ribbed aluminum housings.  The inside of the structure is thought to care about the well being of the host : the interior space can be freely organized , is composed of wood to improve visual comfort and is temperature controled in a way that was above standard specifications for the time.














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