Giuseppe Pagano, Sala d'Icaro, Viale E. Alemagna 6, Milano 1934

Giuseppe Pagano, Sala d’Icaro, Viale E. Alemagna 6, Milano 1934

The Sala d’Icaro designed by architect Giuseppe Pagano has been made into the square of the flood of the Palazzo dell’Arte by inserting a cylindrical wall in reinforced gypsum slabs. The upward opening and the base of the pre-existing fountain were reduced to circular dimensions. The most constructively interesting part is that spiral was installed without intermediate supports. It starts from the edge of the fountain full of gurgling water and rises up to the ceiling for a height of thirteen meters. In the Sala d’lcaro the architect Giuseppe Pagano wanted to irically exalt the efforts of the pilots and builders who tried to conquer the air.