BBPR, Canadian Pavilion of Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, 1956

BBPR, Canadian Pavilion of Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, 1956

Canadian Pavilion of Venice Biennale, BBPR

This Pavilion was built between the months of February and June of 1956 for the well-known Venice biennial. The architects wanted to lay the emphasis in nature, landscapes and spaces surroundings the building. It was built on a more or de-structured way, allowing visitors to keep in touch with the surrounding greenery. For instance, half of the walls are made of windows in order to catch the special light of the sea nearby.

The spiral-like construction, inspired by Archimedes’ work, gives the illusion of being lost in a maze. This illusion is strengthened by the fact the construction apparently changes size during the visit (either growing or diminishing, depending on the direction of your walk).




















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Oljer Cardenas, Victor Fernandes de Almeida Moreira, Louise Pacaut, Adriaan Vandaele.