Achille Castiglioni, l'altra metà dell'avanguardia, 1980

Achille Castiglioni, l’altra metà dell’avanguardia, 1980

The exhibition presents historical avant-garde movements through the artistic testimony of 114 painters and sculptors. For that Castiglioni imagines an exhibition solution that allows an easy reading of the works along a continuous path from left to right.

In most of the rooms, as in the 18, destined for Abstractionism, the plastic-environmental invention of the use of white stretch fabric veils stands out. These are inclined to 45° and fixed at a height of 5 metres, starting from a base fixed to the ground.

The illumination of the different rooms is done with halogen lamps, placed on the wall at intervals of 2.5 meters and oriented towards the soft surfaces of the sailmakers, so as to avoid unpleasant glare phenomena.

For the exhibition of the works, Castiglioni provides for the distribution parallelepipeds of different sizes to support the sculptures and the application of shelves for small works or documents.

The dominant colour and white, chosen for all the elements except for the floor, in grey carpet.


Mariam Kovziridze

Iva Marincic

O. Vanhulst

M. Chorfi