Achille Castiglioni, casa abitata, Firenze, 1965

Achille Castiglioni, casa abitata, Firenze, 1965

A dining room made with pieces at the time all in production and with the folding seat type Thonet, re-proposed with small variations.  The elements are few: a lamp with several ignitions, a cabinet with steps that can be used on two sides and equipped with wheels, a table set with cutlery and glasses designed by Castiglioni himself. With the intention of affirming the tradition of Italian cutlery, with a fork with four prongs and a comfortable handle. In this setting, more traditional than Villa Olmo, there are however unusual and curious elements for a stay: a staircase hanging on the wall and the remains of a Roman pile-dwelling.

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Mariam Kovziridze

Iva Marincic

O. Vanhulst

M. Chorfi