Le Corbusier, Temporary Dwelling (Unités d'habitation transitoires), France, 1944

Le Corbusier, Temporary Dwelling (Unités d’habitation transitoires), France, 1944

In 1944, Le Corbusier started reuming his private works, in which he was trying to solved “transitory houses” and “provisional dwellings” problems.

This solutions are being proposed after World War II, when there was a deficite of flats and houses. Unrealized project because of technicians and authorities responsible and the homeless. Firstly, there was a fallacy that it is “impossible to entrust to one and the same head the task of reconstruction and that of town planning”. Reconstruction requires rabid methods, sapient decisions and people with a special characters, who can hang on difficulties and be able to exchange words to action.

Town planning requires foresight, reflection, good philosophy of life, wisdom and  social, economic and political feeling. But also unique mind and unique approach. It is very difficult, even impossible, to find all this attributes in one man.


Authors: Martyna Czub, Aycan Kizilkaya, Mordjann Souilamas