Gio Ponti, Apartment of the Author, Milano (Italy), 1957

Gio Ponti, Apartment of the Author, Milano (Italy), 1957

The flat in a house on via Dezza, the last residence of Gio Ponti, assumes all his reflections on the modern dwelling and adopts his space inventions.

The flat is envisioned as a unique and spacious environment (only the service areas on the north side are closed) that in the apartment designed by the architect for his family comes also to incorporate the bedrooms and study, in continuity of the open plan finally realized and unified by the only ceramic floor, with diagonal stripes. The spaces of the flat, which were divided only by “modernfold”, were fitted with design inventions such as “dashboards” (fitted with shelves, drawers, lights, etc.), “self-illuminating” (which detach from the wall), table paints and windows, used as shelves and cantilever shelves. The plot of each opening, which thus became a furnished window, sanctioned the limit between the private environment and the landscape “because” from inside “the outside is always seen through the first floors of furniture. And in this is its enchantment.





Vojtěch Bodlák

Authors of drawings:
Chiara Aloi
Nicoletta Onida