Cini Boeri, Soggiorno and pranzo, Italy, 1966

Cini Boeri, Soggiorno and pranzo, Italy, 1966

Cini Boeri, Soggiorno and pranzo, Italy, 1966

Cini Boeri graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1951, after an internship in the office of Gio Ponti she began a long collaboration with Marco Zanuso.

She designs from 1963 family homes and apartments by paying attention to the study of the functionality of the space and the psychological relationship between humans and their environment. For her it is important to focus on designing with respect for the human dimension and human needs.

Some of her most important work focuses on the home, from the book “Dimensioni umane dell’abitazione” (“The human dimensions of the home”, Franco Angeli, Milan, 1980) to “Progetto Domestico”

“Cini Boeri’s homes express a cultivated, generous vision of domestic space, interpreted as the primary place for expression of the individual’s personality, interacting with the needs of the other inhabitants of the home. In parallel, her furnishings are designed not to be owned but to be used, on the basis of a ‘democratic’ approach to design with roots in the work of the great post-war masters,” comments an exhibition curator Luca Molinari.

This case is a living and dining room for a big family with a lot of window to permit lighting by natural light of the entire space. The strength of the arrangement is to have made the fireplace the focal point of the composition enriched by the suggestion of light filtering through the net slots of the diaphragm of the dining room

Moreover the space from a single and strong color, blue violet, which entirely covers the wall system, including the bar, and that extends to the low ceiling of the entrance and all shelving creates a comprehensive and unitary atmosphere.

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