Gio Ponti, Prototype of a "Hotel Bed-room",  Milan, Italy, 1951

Gio Ponti, Prototype of a “Hotel Bed-room”, Milan, Italy, 1951

Gio Ponti, Prototype of a “Hotel Bed-room”,  9th Triennale di Milano, Italy, 1951. (view on google maps

The IX triennale of Milan took place in 1951 and was organized in the palace of art in the district experimentele. The most important theme of this International exhibition was ‘actuality’, in the sense that each work don’t have to go trough selection but was chosen because it fits in the ‘zeitgeist’. This without forgetting the style or subject matter.

Gio Ponti was one of the designers/architects that were proposing their design. He presented a prototype of an hotel bedroom. Intended as a protest against the usual kind of hotel room, cluttered with furniture, this room (3 by 4 meters) has all its facilities, lamps, shelves, drawers, writing desk, etc. located inside a single long wall panel.


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