Joe Colombo, Visiona 69, Cologne, Germany, 1969

Joe Colombo, Visiona 69, Cologne, Germany, 1969

Joe Colombo, Visiona 69, Cologne, Germany, 1969. (view on google maps)

From 1968 to 1972 the chemical corporation Bayer AG rented an excursion boat „Dralon“ which functioned as a temporary exhibition space at the furniture design fair in Cologne.

Since the huge sensation of Architect Verner Panton who created a whole textile room out of Bayer fabrics, the company started with their programme „Visiona“ and for the following years they hired most talented designers worldwide to create entire futuristic living models for the furniture design fair.

The fair was a platform of presenting the latest developments in furniture design and interior textiles. Because of Bayer AG‘s artificial fibers and plastic, all designs of Visiona are based on the technical possibilities and use of these materials.

The first Visiona show for Bayer AG by Joe Colombo took place in 1969. The „Visiona 69“ project arranged multifunctional mobile living units of a kitchen, bed-, bath- and living room. The furnishment was created for a childless couple living on 80m2 and set up to fulfil all the basic needs. Elements could be extended or added within swivable walls.

All the textiles in Colombos living environment are held in blue and red tones. Through all the different shades of these two colours, the whole appartement appears violet. Also with its futuristic “Space Age” elements the whole concept of Colombo was modern and trend setting for that time.

The whole assembly contained different living units. The daily based “central living unit“ was suitable for common activities like reading, listening to music or watching TV which was integrated in the ceiling. The “night cell” contained a bed, a wardrobe and the bathroom. The “kitchen box“ was air-conditioned and provided with an extendable table.




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