Giò Ponti, Allogio Uniambientale, Milan, Italy, 1954

Giò Ponti, Allogio Uniambientale, Milan, Italy, 1954

Gio Ponti, Alloggio Uniambientale, X Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy, 1954. (view on google maps)

This work from Giò Ponti, the “alloggio uniambientale”, has been presented at the occasion of the Xth Triennale of Milan in 1954.

The project presents a new option for the revolution of minimum housing with a vast living space and an alcove for the bed. Space is the dominant theme, Ponti conceives it as a unit where the dividing elements are reduced to a minimum. One has to enjoy the environment and the freedom of movement and visual permeability are key to this project.

It is the kind of housing that would be ideal for intellectuals and professionals who live alone. It can either give access to a terrace or open onto a garden or a beautiful view. Light flows into the room and the apartment well reflects the humanism and joy of the architect.

The space is notably enriched with numerous inventions such as furniture and paintings fixed on and in-between windows, illuminated by the natural light and creating the impression of a transparent wall.



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