Studio BBPR, Casa Rollier, Milan, Italy, 1947-1950

Studio BBPR, Casa Rollier, Milan, Italy, 1947-1950

Studio BBPR, Casa Rollier, Via Poerio 37, Milan, Italy, 1947-1950. (view on google maps

B.B.P.R. is a studio of architects, planners and designers, composed of Gian Luigi Banfi, Ludovico Barbiato di Belgiojoso , Enrico Peressutti and Ernesto Nathan Rogers. Set up in Milan in 1932, it soon became a vivid part of the modern movement, of which the studio is one of the Italian leaders.

In 1947, this group renovated a house for the Rollier family in via Poerio in Milano.

The living room is also an entrance hall  and they are differentiated by a slight difference in height and material; in the entrance there are ceramic tiles by Melotti, while the living room has a big plank made out of solid walnut.

The single room is characterized by a group of elements: the first element is the chimney, completely isolated from the walls, truncated cone-shaped and made out of pink, blue and grey Melotti ceramic panels.  Moreover the fireplace is on a tripod made of bronze and the circular staircase is supported first by a semicircular wall around the chimney and then by the wall. B.B.P.R. also designed a bay window with steel frame that sticks out on the garden and some furnitures (coffee table, sofa).

Upstairs, in the bedroom the architects wanted only one ambience for two functions: sleeping and working. The furniture includes: mobile library-bar-radio- desk made out of wood and steel frame, bed and headboard made of walnut and maple wardrobes with three panels each, and walnut wardrobe with folding door.




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