Guiseppe Terragni, Villa del Floricoltore, Como, (Italy) 1936

Guiseppe Terragni, Villa del Floricoltore, Como, (Italy) 1936

Guiseppe Terragni, Villa del Floricoltore, Como, (Italy) 1936

In the project of the House of Floricoltore, we can see that the theme of the frame and the double wall was used.

The frame elements are big enough to carry the construction and is underlined by the length of the windows.

The asymmetry of the composition gives an unexpected result. The walls of the rooms are set back with respect to the frame and are treated as the levels that move in freedom: with advances and retreats, with the creation of spaces of varying depth. Thanks to this, the new volume holds the characteristic of a pure prism above the ground by strip windows and detached frames, connected by thin floors that create a feeling of harmony.The project, however, presents an obvious conflict: the volume and raised the giant-frame, clearly represented in the two main facades of the building, disappear in the other two sides.

Terragni makes an easily recognizable space division of the building. The main entrance is closely related to the location of the outdoor spaces.

The interior of the house is on the other hand divided into two parts: the common areas, oriented to the east, and private ones, oriented to the west. The architect creates a play of light and shadows highlighting the most prominent elements of the architecture. An outdoor staircase leads to the first floor which has two different routes that begin at the same point: the first provides access to the upper floor through a staircase; the second leads to the apartment and is joined by a horizontal connection, is the sleeping area.



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