Gaetano Pesce, Loft Verticale, Proposal, 1982

Gaetano Pesce, Loft Verticale, Proposal, 1982

Gaetano Pesce, Loft Verticale, Proposal, 1982

“During his career, that spans four decades with commissions in architecture, urban planning, interior, exhibition and industrial design, Gaetano Pesce, the architect and designer, has conceived public and private projects in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. In all of his work, he expresses his guiding principle: that modernism is less a style than a method for interpreting the present and hinting at the future in which individuality is preserved and celebrated.” (

The vertical loft is a proposal of a vertical attic, which is a new type of a square tower and the interesting part is that it is an empty structure. The dimensions are 10 X 10 X 18 m. It is built with dry bricks installed on a rectangular tube made of steel. The bricks have six sides, five of them have precise shape and dimensions, while the sixth side is different from the others in order to expand freely and give the unique feeling that this building evoke. There is a stair that “cuts” the four sides in different heights, in order for the visitor to see outside and to bring light in the interior space. The ladder directs to a terrace that is on top of the building, and this terrace is covered by a roof made of glass and aluminium.


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