Franco Albini, Appartamento d'Albergo, VI Triennale, Milano (Italy), 1936

Franco Albini, Appartamento d’Albergo, VI Triennale, Milano (Italy), 1936

Franco Albini, Appartamento d’Albergo, VI Triennale, Milano (Italy), 1936

This is a project by Franco Albini (1905-1977) who worked as a designer in addition of his career as an architect.

This accommodation, presented at the VIth Triennale di Milano in 1936, has been designed for a pension or for the accommodation of local services and employees. It is composed of a single room divided into two parts, one for the daytime and the other for the nighttime. The first one is a living room with a desk, a table, three chairs and bookcases. The part dedicated to nighttime is a bedroom arranged with a bed, a side table and a chair, and is connected to a small bathroom.

Here everything is conceived to gain space: the entry is made the smallest possible to maximize the living space, the bathroom has been reduced to the minimum of comfort and the separation of the room is made by a furniture of double use (bookcase on the side of the living room and closet on the side of the bedroom) instead of a wall. Also in the prospect of optimization, the lamps in the living room can slide on the white rails they are suspended to. They can thus be easily moved from one corner to another according to whichever use needed.


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  • Student : Alessi Anderlini, Giada Depiagi
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