Franco Albini, Apartment Minetti, Milano (Italy), 1936

Franco Albini, Apartment Minetti, Milano (Italy), 1936

Franco Albini, Apartment Minetti, Milano (Italy), 1936

Franco Albini designs furniture through which are of the Italian traditional craftsmanship and also modern design. He uses raw and cheap materials, which induces an elegant design based on a minimalist aesthetic.

The apartment Minetti is a housing in which the intervention of the architect consists in redefining the interior architecture. The apartment can be divided into three parts: the living room, service rooms and a room with bathroom.In the living room, the interior layout is made according to proportions of 60 square cm. This strict aspect maximizes the functional space while giving an impression of lightness and order.The green marble contributes to give that appearance (antic reference) to the living room. The service spaces, symmetrical to the hallway and the living room present a kitchen, offices and a cloakroom. It includes furniture designed by the same frame of 60 cm by 60 cm. The furniture of three environments is made of full and sufficient height to have the opportunity to compose in different ways and offer a variety of uses.

At the end, it is as if the apartment had been divided by a regular grid of 60 cm by 60 cm; giving place for empty spaces, or sometimes for very functional spaces.



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