Carlo Scarpa, Villa Veritti, Udine, 1955-60

Carlo Scarpa, Villa Veritti, Udine, 1955-60

Carlo Scarpa, Villa Veritti, Viale Duodo 48, Udine, Italy, 1955-60

House Veritti is the primary home of Scarpa. He made use of cylindrical walls instead of the typical straight walls usually seen in modern architecture.
One of the most important features of House Veritti is the relationship between interior and exterior. Every route or opening in the house is designed in a way that you can enjoy the views on the garden. The architecture of the garden and the placing of the trees happened very precise so there is a connection between the space inside and outside.
The house consists out of two floors, connected by a wooden staircase. In order to create a flowing space between the floors there’s made use of sliding doors between the hall and the living space. His idea of spatial continuity comes from Wright.
The architect intended to create a light atmosphere in the house by the use of pillars and curtain walls.
The walls and ceiling are semi-glossy, the floors are tiled and in the bedroom the floor is covered with wood. Some other common used materials are Venetian plaster, concrete, marble and wood.




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