Carlo de Carli, Roditi, Milano, 1949

Carlo de Carli, Roditi, Milano, 1949

Carlo de Carli, Roditi, Via dei Giardini 7, Milano, Italy, 1949

Carlo de Carli (1910-1999) is a well – known Italian architect. He graduated architecture in School of Architecture in Politecnico di Milano. Soon after that he started creating his first works, he became a professor and the dean of his faculty. He was a promoter of renewal Italian furniture, he put a lot of work in creating, recognising and criticising furniture in Italy. 

The structure of the interior design of the apartment is very simple and well thought. The whole flat works as a separated spaces, each of them is designed for a specific use. The furniture was designed as a covering structure of the walls. In some of the room the wardrobes cover the wall from the bottom to the top, so that the space seems to be clean and free. Some of them are like a pieces of art, creating a simple geometry, because they do not cover the whole wall, so that the space of the wall above and under the wooden boxes is seen very well. All the flat is very simple in its geometry, the wooden material is the mostly used material in the apartment. Can be seen in a different uses – covering the floor, creating the wardrobes or even covering the walls. Mirrors are being used as a simple act of expanding the space visually.

All in all, the design of the flat is creating a soft and pleasant place for the user. Is functional and lacks in unnecessary details. The table he designed for the apartment was recognized as a masterpiece at it’s own. It has been put into production since then. 


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