Carlo de Carli, Casa Galli, Alberto, Italy, 1951

Carlo de Carli, Casa Galli, Alberto, Italy, 1951

Carlo de Carli, Casa Galli in Cirimido, Alberto, Italy, 1951


The centenary of the birth of Carlo De Carli (1910-1999) provided an opportunity to take a fresh look at his work as an architect and designer, as well as at the role he played in his other fields of endeavour: the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Milan; the Milan Triennale; furniture production, both industrial and artisanal.

The whole foundation of the design is a combination of two buildings built circa 1950 Casa Galli in Cirimido (Como) and mine Guests Monteponi (Cagliari). The idea is to use a pure shapes and necessary components.

The spaces intertwine to create a common and yet distinct zones. Each element is defined by the user’s way of life.

Premises create a logical and rhythmic structure. Inside they are used only the necessary equipment to function in everyday life. Each of the separated also by the use of different materials and textures.

The whole assumption is minimalist and functional. Chairs are a common element of each space. Designer emphasized the seat using dynamic forms and vibrant colors.



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