Carlo de Carli, Casa Abitata, Florence, Italy 1965

Carlo de Carli, Casa Abitata, Florence, Italy 1965

Carlo de Carli, Casa Abitata, Via Degli Strozzi (Palazzo Strozzi ), Firence, Italy 1965

Carlo de Carli was an architect known all over the world, far beyond the borders of Italy. In addition to professional practice he shared his experience at the university. He combined separate design areas: structures, functions and aesthetics to achieve architecture masterpieces.

The interior design is really innovative and thoughtful. De Carli introduced purely architectural details that formed the aesthetics of the interior.The space is simple and clear.

The introduction of the mezzanine is dividing spaces and their functions in a really subtle way. The beams in the ceiling of the mezzanine are showing designing skill. The combination of structural elements and of their aesthetics is streghtening the idea of De Carli interior design. Mezzanine blends seamlessly with the designed equipment.

De Carli takes the furniture design really seriously and he has designed each of the elements of the interior. The table and the bed have a really simple form but are worked out in detail. The main material of the house is wood. De Carli applied white on the walls in order to make an even greater sense of space and freedom.


casa abitata 

casa abitata