Carlo Scarpa, Casa Zentner, Zurich, Switzerland, 1967

Carlo Scarpa, Casa Zentner, Zurich, Switzerland, 1967

Carlo Scarpa, Casa Zentner, Zurich, Switzerland, 1967

Casa Zenter was a villa built in Zurich for the family Zentners and commissioned to Carlo Scarpa between 1964 and 1968. The owners were art collectors, as clearly shown in the interior but not only because of the presence of the artwork. The design offers various sitting areas and spaces that encourage a relationship between the displayed works. The South elevation, that opens up to the garden is especially interesting because of the relationship between interior and the exterior, the park, including the transparency denied on the ground floor and the vast openings on the first floor.

He provided also long perspectives to achieve various and changing view through the windows.

The house is the only project Carlo Scarpa built abroad of Italy. As in every work, he focused on details, materials and furniture. He even proposed freshly designed pieces, such as the “Doge” table, which was produced particularly for Zentner family. The materials was expensive as Scarpa had chosen marble and different types of wood.



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Drawings by Carlo Scarpa

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