Luigi Massoni, Casa con le tasche, Milano and Turin, Italy, 1972

Luigi Massoni, Casa con le tasche, Milano and Turin, Italy, 1972

Italian designer and architect Luigi Massoni was born in Milan, in 1930. After being trained at the Collettivo di Architettura in Milan and his first professional experiences, he began his career by designing for the company Alessi. In 1959, he joined Boffi as a production coordinator and designer, creating some of the first ever modular systems for the home and kitchen

The house was presented by the Boffi stand at Eurodomus 1972 in Turin, as a housing proposal for an area of 70 square meters.

It is a space completely made of ash. The equipment and furnishings are an integral part of the space itself. The various functions correspond to the many autonomous areas which, at the same time, remain attached to one another. There are four beds (two of which are removable), a living area with a sofa and a sliding table (which is also used in the dining area), a cloakroom and a kitchen – dining area.

It’s all made with a full exploitation of space, for example, the kitchen is located under the shelf / staircase also being the end where there are two beds are fitted in the recess on the floor. This idea became more attractive and the gaps between two levels of the staircase were used as drawers or bookshelves.

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