Luciano Baldessari, Appartamento Spadacini, Milan, Italy, 1933

Luciano Baldessari, Appartamento Spadacini, Milan, Italy, 1933

Luciano Baldessari, Appartamento Spadacini, Milan, Italy, 1933 (view in google maps)

Luciano Baldessari (Rovereto, December 10, 1896 – Milan, September 6, 1982) was an Italian architect and stage designer. He was born in Rovereto , a town at the time of the Austro-Hungarian county of Tyrol . In 1906, at the Institute of orphanage Rovereto , received his first drawing lessons from Fortunato Depero . In Rovereto, from 1909 he attended the Royal School Elizabethan , set up by the Austrian Government and set to the educational programs of the Deutscher Werkbund . Since 1913 is part of the Circle futurist , founded in Rovereto by Depero . From 1919 to 1922 he attended the Polytechnic of Milan where he obtained a degree in architecture. From 1923 to 1926 he was in Berlin , where he worked as a set designer with directors Max Reinhardt , Erwin Piscator and Adolf Licho . On that occasion he came into contact with Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe. He returned to Italy in 1928 in Milan, where he opened his first studio . Between 1928 and 1930 creates the sets for companies Giuseppe Visconti , Tatiana Pavlova and Enzo Ferrieri . In 1928 he designed the National Exhibition in Como Villa Olmo in silk. In 1956-57 he was invited to design a skyscraper all’Hansaviertel Berlin . In 1978 he was awarded the “A. Feltrinelli ” Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei . Luciano Baldessari is turned off in Milan in 1982 .

Professional work differently declines entry into the modernity of the Milanese bourgeoisie. Spadaccini in the apartment in Milan , in 1932 , theay asked Luciano Baldessarri if he creates a dining room. Dining room was from the sharp color contrasts , with furniture made of walnut and polished black glass shelves red brick, the chairs have black moleskin padding covered with vermilion ; a corner cupboard with funds and gray glass sliding doors has a body with drawers protruding from the bottom of the black panel , closed by a rolling grille red vermilion lacquer , tents , ceiling and walls are pink , the floor is dark red felt . In the room with the double bed, upholstered in red fabric , a box of blue and bright edge defines an abstract canopy on the plaster of the ceiling, yellow as the walls.


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