Josef Chochol-Kovaroviv Villa-Prague, Czech Republic- 1912

Josef Chochol-Kovaroviv Villa-Prague, Czech Republic- 1912

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The elegant Kovaroviv Villa at 3 Libusina Street was designed by architect Josef Chochol and constructed in 1912-13. This building and formal front garden are exquisitely kept presenting the high point of Czech Cubism. The façade, the surrounding wall elements including sculptured Cubist metal fence and gateway express an overall visual dynamical a radical way. Slanted surfaces on the buildings façade, fenestration and comice reflect the polygonal garden. Josef Chochol always tried to keep pace with the latest fashion which, at that time, was the cubist style of architecture derived from the paintings of Picasso and Braque. He applied the style beyond the building ti include the garden layout and the surrounding walls using shaped flower beds, levels, steps, planting, rendered brick walls and metalwork to echo the facades of the villa. The tree-dimensional quality of the villa was reinforced by the design of the side facades of which the upper parts are visible from the street. The play of the light and shadow on the pyramidal and crystal forms constantly changes the massing of the building and animates it.



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Rémi Farwati, Elena Giannitsopoulos, Nadir Bouchene, Adela Plasilova, March 2017