Ignazio Gardella, Alloggio Borsalino, Genoa, 1951

Ignazio Gardella, Alloggio Borsalino, Genoa, 1951

Ignazio Gardella, Alloggio Borsalino, Genoa, 1951


The accommodation for employees Borsalino (1951), designed as a linear body overlooking Teresio Borsalino course, consists of two independent blocks joined in the lesser thickness point, corresponding to the shared spaces. Each block is organized around a lift that serves two apartments, consisting of living room, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. At the western end there is a larger apartment with three bedrooms.

The building presents a plan that was designed with the objective of giving southern exposure in all bedrooms and living environments.
The building has 8 floors, a basement and a cellar floor plan loft. Despite the fact that the building is not regular, all bedrooms have a rectangular shape, making the adjoining rooms irregular, such as the living areas. For the 20th Triennale it was presented an opportunity to furnish homes for a small-series production. The architects who designed it, G. Frattini , G.P.A. Monti and G. Ortelli, were asked to solve particular problems of modular furniture, relying in the minimum size from 60 to 80 cm, to have elements adaptable to any environment. They used the plywood to metal joint since elements of metal and wood could now enter the great production.




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