Finn Juhl, Interior-52, Trondheim, Norway,1952

Finn Juhl, Interior-52, Trondheim, Norway,1952

Finn Juhl, Interior-52, Trondheim, Norway,1952

Danish architect Finn Juhl (1912-1989) was commissioned in 1950 by the Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum to create an office interior which would work in a dialogue with Interior Henry van de Velde. The result was a room which is authentic fot the Scandinavian Design period, and the items displayed in this interior represent the best of Scandinavian design in the time. Like van de Velde’s interior, this interior also is the result of an understanding ot the whole, with a composition based on “directions and surfaces playing off each other” – adjusted to the movements of the human body.

Finn Juhl created an interior where the light, colours and surfaces interacted with the furniture pieces, of which he was a true champion. He decorated the room with a number of his own models, as well as the work from a few other designers, including – almost self-evidently – a museum table by Peder Moos.

One furniture which is very important is  the Wall Sofa, this furniture was duplicated time after time afterwards. The Wall Sofa has been produced in more lengths and is used in several of Finn Juhl’s famous interior designs and it is with its asymmetric look, probably the best example of how he was inspired by the modern free art.






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