Carlo Scarpa, Casa Scatturin, Venezia, Italy, 1960

Carlo Scarpa, Casa Scatturin, Venezia, Italy, 1960

Carlo Scarpa, Casa Scatturin, Venezia, Italy, 1960 (view google maps)

The most complete realization of private Carlo Scarpa in Venice, a masterpiece of the great architect , is on the market and no one seems to care. This is the Home and Studio Scatturin the top floor of a seventeenth-century building overlooking calle Bar Association , now offered for sale by the heirs of an estate agent at the Venetian ( the Gefim ) . In the early sixties , the Scarpa designed and renovated it for the lawyer Luigi Scatturin – for many years in the College of Auditors of the Biennale – who wanted to join and at the same time maintain self- study and residence in a ‘ very large area , about 250 meters , topped by a covered also on one of the most scenic spots in all of Venice . A rectangular space , originally of service to the residence security of the building, with low ceilings and various heights , Scarpa became , in his own way , in an extraordinary way with the usual sublime attention to materials and details .

Terracotta floors sanded, marked by a thin band along the perimeter walls of marble, faux finishing in white and gray. The precious double doors padded black leather or lacquered panels with colors ranging from dark brown to red, with the use of wood and glass listings. For the painted ceilings in the study stucco polished brown, or, as in the main hall, in an incredible cement multicolored – red, yellow, brown – that changes in the light that filters through the small windows with precious fixtures. In the study of Scatturin, decorated with the “woodwork” dominates the amazing walnut table that Brazilian shoe called “Gentlemen please accomodino” and that never came into production. Unique.

We are in a house-museum , yet lively and perfectly preserved , as it had been inhabited until yesterday. With extraordinary inventions , such as the scale – in closet sailor , who , with two raised overall size of the tread , spiral staircase leads to the dell’altana wood , triagolare , and also serves as a storage room for the night .
Scatturin house is for sale for some time : first carried out by Sotheby’s that the proposal had a price too high, 3 million 800 thousand Euros , now significantly lowered because despite the emphasis surrounding Scarpa’s work , no one has stepped forward to buy it and protect it (it is constrained by the Superintendent ) . “Yeah, my father , in recent years ,” recalls his son Peter Scatturin ” had tried to ensure the maintenance , but neither the State nor any other institutions which had been proposed have shown interest . It is the home Venetian ” Accomplished” in every detail by Scarpa and we do not want svenderla , but be sure to entrust it in safe hands . ”




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