Adolf Loos, Scheu House, Vienna, Austria, 1912

Adolf Loos, Scheu House, Vienna, Austria, 1912

Adolf Loos, Scheu House, Vienna, Austria, 1912 (view in the google maps)

Scheu House built by Adolf Loos between 1912-1913 for Gustav Scheu lawyer and his wife Helen, not only was the first house terraced building the architect, but mainly one of the first overt construction of architecture flat roof. This characteristic, unusual at the time, caused many conflicts with the municipal authorities. The owner had to commit to cover the front step and smooth with ivy, just did it on the side facing the garden.

The building has four floors: a basement lit, ground floor, first floor and second floor where another house was built completely independent.

  • Basement

The receiving daylight basement was designed so that in the future could hold a gym.

  • Ground floor

The ground floor is the main floor and in public and she observes the bourgeois atmosphere of the play, and his reminiscences of traditional English architecture, across different functional areas.

The entrance hall is typically English and born in the stairs to the top floor of the bedroom. On this floor there is a terrace to the garden, the kitchen, a music room that also serves as an office, a dining room and a library with a cozy nook, “inglenook”. This corner of the chimney from the start manifested in the works of Loos, the architect to represent the gathering of the family, a place to meet and share moments.

  • First floor

On this floor bedrooms were located both family and service. The bedrooms facing the east façade have large terraces. A dealer hall gives access to different areas including the bathroom is on this floor.

  • Second Floor

This second floor was built as completely separate department whose entrance is on the left of the main facade and accessed by a spiral staircase illuminated by natural light through three large windows that rise above the entrance. As is characteristic of the house has a large terrace, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

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