Mario Ridolfi, Casa Lina, Terni, Italy, 1966

Mario Ridolfi, Casa Lina, Terni, Italy, 1966

Mario Ridolfi, Casa Lina, Terni, Italy, 1966 (view in Google Maps)

Casa Lina a Marmore in Terni in the version “A”, “B”, “D” and “E” was designed in 1964, one after another. Solution “H1” hasn’t been dated. In 1965 and 1966 versions “H2”, “H3” and “L” were designed. Between 1965 and 1967 the final touches of the designs and furniture were added, and finally, until 1967 it was constructed. Now the house is located in via Casa Lina 7, già via P. Montesi 180, Terni, Italy.

Casa Lina was the most important gift dedicated to Mario Ridolfi’s wife, Adelina. The project was the one that started the series called “the Marmore cycle”, which was a set of projects for private clients located in Terni, where Ridolfi used the stone to create the design. As a result of the times when he designed, he often reinterpreted the principles of the past by means of techniques, materials and construction details that he believed were to create an ideal living space inspired by the historic urban tissue. Casa Lina is the most significant example of Ridolfi’s work and at the same time became an ideal place for him to spend his old age, a kind of “temple” for the family.

The design highlights the synthesis between matter and volume, which was uncommon for the typical design process of the era.


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