Luigi Moretti, Casa Albergo, Milano, Italy, 1948

Luigi Moretti, Casa Albergo, Milano, Italy, 1948

Luigi Moretti, Casa AlbergoVia Filippo Corridoni, 22,Milano, Italy, 1948

About the Architect :

Luigi Walter Moretti (2 January 1907 – 14 July 1973) was an Italian architect.

About the House :

The building is part of a series of works that the City of Milan program at the end of the second war kicking off the plan for the reconstruction of the city devastated by bombing. The house hotel is located in Via Luigi Moretti Corridoni 22, in a semi-central area of the city just beyond the ring of canals, not far from the courthouse.

Set on a square, the building has an H-shaped plan consists of two main buildings, elevated on six fourteen-storey, reinforced concrete structure with a flat roof and a terrace. Aligned to the edge of the road is made low, intended for female guests, originally for “women graduates,” while the tall, reserved for males, it is very backward from the edge of the lot and preceded by an accommodation in garden with plane trees. Connection between the two buildings is a linear low body with the main entrance to the common reception of the guests, which are routed through the access to the two sections.

The facades are mostly covered with mosaic tiles white finish plaster in the lower parts, and marked by repetitive openings in series, with the vertical cuts on the ends to illuminate the long corridors. The tallest building, from whose face the east there are two volumes corresponding to the vertical links, is clearly divided by a deep cleft center, with jumpers on the seventh and top floor, which corresponds to a service entrance.

The space of each floor is divided with minimal accommodation with bedroom and bathroom, with communal kitchen, served by two blocks of stairs with a lift. Completing the rational organization functions for some community facilities: bar, restaurant, lounges and reading library, a gym in the basement and a living room to the thermal baths and sauna.

The passage of time has not caused serious problems of degradation of the building, the facades are in fairly good condition and the main problem lies in the extensive detachment of the coating mosaic. With some effort to bring the complex has retained the destination hotel, is now occupied by Daniel’s Hotel which is mainly for students who participate in international projects Erasmus and foreign teachers. The residence is managed directly by the Polytechnic, is currently employed only in a part of the body higher, the so-called Tower A.


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