Knut Knutsen, Casa Estiva, Oslo, 1939

Knut Knutsen, Casa Estiva, Oslo, 1939

Knut Knutsen, Casa Estiva, Oslo, 1939

The architect has been inspired by the nature and shows that it is important for us to conserve it , which we do when we try to be in harmony with it , when we try to subordinate houses to nature. This is why it is not enough to build small houses, there are innumerable ways of doing it , but the most important thing is that the rhythm and the movement from the landscape to the house should be harmonious. 

This is what has been totally respected in this house; the dimension and the relation with the hills are so perfect that this house do not interrupt the landscape. Even the color and the material of this house don’t disturb the view. And this creates an harmonious architecture which can create greater well-being for men. This is a place to relax, where it is possible to dream and to create, which suits to a holiday house.


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