Hans Scharoun, Mohrmann House, Berlin-Litchenrade, 1939

Hans Scharoun, Mohrmann House, Berlin-Litchenrade, 1939

Hans Sharoun, Mohrmann House, Berlin-Litchenrade, 1939

About the Architect : 

Bernhard Hans Henry Scharoun (20 September 1893 – 25 November 1972) was a German architect best known for designing the Berlin Philharmonic concert hall and the Schminke House in Löbau, Saxony. He was an important exponent of organic and expressionist architecture.

About the House :

This house is one of the single-family houses built by Hans Scharoun in the 30s. In those houses the architect achieved an intensive work on the floor plan to combine immediate social questions with architectural questions in order to adapt the house to the life and the special characteristics of the client.

In this context this house presents a really unusual and personalized shape even from the outside. And inside there are places for sitting by the fire looking out through a glazed wall into the garden; for playing the piano; for eating; for growing decorative plants …  The disposition takes precedence over the geometric order of the structure.

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