Alberto Campo Baeza, De Blas House, Madrid, Spain, 2000

Alberto Campo Baeza, De Blas House, Madrid, Spain, 2000

Alberto Campo Baeza, De Blas House, Madrid, Spain, 2000 (View from google)

Campo Baeza decided to divide the house into two parts, one part with a floor space, and an other with adual home floor to enjoy the site in relation to the environment.

• Ground floor

Within the basement is concrete housing program with a clear outline of Banda service back and front spaces served. These are pieces that have views of the landscape framed by a square opening in the walls. In this plant, it is associated with massive shelter idea, and the thick concrete wall encloses spaces, with work, leisure and rest.

They look to the landscape of the north through brief windows, avoiding the outside world imposes its presence in the intimate part of the house, serving only as a reference space in the interior of the cave is symbolic plant access.

The effect is as if the landscape was far from our reach, in the distance, symbolic of the protection afforded by the cave at night.

contrast between the concrete floor and the crystal structure of the floor

• Upper level

The sensation of the ground floor contrasts with the qualities of the transparent structure that forms a lookout platform on the ground floor where one is literally absorbed by the power of the environment.

Viewpoint in that the glass sticks to the wood north façade of the Casa de Blas, although in the south façade, setbacks are to search for the shade.

The top looks for contact with nature, and is a hut that protects them from the elements.

Inside the glass prism, nothing interrupts the visual communication between the audience and nature, not even a handrail. This duality extreme top-down, inside-out, glass, concrete, nature-safe, is a dramatic discourse of opposites that determines the physical character of the building.

On the terrace and a small pool.


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Reviewed by:

Alexandra Niedermayr, Alexandre Maurel, Martin Charachon, Sonja Schneider (March 2017)