Welcome ATHENS-SPRING 2017

A warm welcome to

Alexis Barnabe
Vojtech Bodlak
Sarah Carpentier
Martyna Czub
Louise Daugas
Sara De Boeck
Guerric Delage
Gitte Fonteyn
Malgorzata Anna Gora
Premysl Halamek
Fariza Kalitsova
Martin Kindermans
Aycan Kizilkaya
Antonin Meyer
Alena Mourova
Matthieu Najm
Michel Nocture
Armand Perrot
Sarka Prochazkova
Louise Résillot
Paul Rosane
Nicolas Rosset
Sofia Roucan
Mordjann Souilamas
Max Vanhalst
Andrea Vaskova
Denisa Vondraskova

The section of the website “guidelines”
  will support your participation in the Athens course. During these days you’ll be introduced to issues related with interior architecture of the 20th century, focusing particularly on Milanese and Italian interiors. Through the work of masters and within an incredible international group of young people you’ll have the opportunity to meet quite a unique group of specialists in Interiors studies and to visit some Milanese masterpieces. The course will challenge your own research and presentation skills, encouraging the reflection upon questions of body and senses, on domesticity quality while at the same time offering a chance to get in touch with a wide range of case studies.